For many people travelling to Brazil may sound frightening, but in fact it is a safe and fun trip. There are daily flights from most major airports in the USA directly to São Paulo.

With only one trip you will be able to see and try a great selection of horses, nowhere else available. No need to book hotel or rent a car. All you need is a passport and a visa, which we will guide you to obtain and soon you will be on your way to Brazil.

What to expect: When you visit us in Brazil, you will be picked up at the airport and taken to Sucandi's farm, only 60 miles from São Paulo.

Roberta and her wonderful staff will see that you are looked after and all of your wants and needs will be taken care of including dietary needs and restrictions. Food at Sucandi is just delicious and you will feel like you are at a feast.

You may inspect the horses individually in their stalls prior to their being presented individually at liberty. From there you will pick the order in which you wish to ride your dream Lusitano.

You are not expected to make a snap judgment or just ride the one you fell in love with on the Internet. In fact, you are encouraged to ride all of the horses, not just once, but several times, for as many days as you can stay. There is no rush, no pressure, just a joyful, amazing time riding beautiful, quiet, well trained Lusitanos, especially selected by Roberta to meet your discriminating dream horse requirements.

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