Lynda - Santa Rosa - CA

Dear Roberta, Gandhi has made me smile every day. The last couple of years I watched Louise take clients to Brazil and come home with beautiful horses. Each one unique, but similar in their personality and steadfastness. I did not make a trip to Brazil, but asked Louise to find me a solid, bombproof horse I could always depend on! She did!!!! Each time I ride, I want to ride more. We are making great progress and becoming best friends. I know I have found my forever soulmate. Thank you for your part in making me smile everyday! Sincerely, Lynda

Zo - Anchorage - AK

Hi Roberta, Barbaro has been in Alaska for a Month. He is everything you said he would be and everything I had hoped for. As I told you, I had a bad fall and needed a horse that I could feel comfortable on and yet would be well trained and capable of higher level work. He has given me new courage and has become a loving companion. He's very kind and gentle as well as well as spunky and full of mischief. He is a joy to ride and to work with on the ground. He is beautiful to look at, although he is trying to grow a winter coat. He thinks the winter blankets are not enough. We have moved into a little Oasis in the middle of a refrigerator. He doesn't even wan't to look outside much less go outside, so I guess he will be an inside horse until summer. His Travel was great. Everyone along the way was super helpful. I really appreciated the ability to see the vet check on line, and the loading and unloading. It seems everyone was kind and thoughtful. And, I most especially appreciate you Roberta for sending me the perfect horse. He is just my size I'm 5' and he is a small Fifteen Three Hands. Its perfect. Thank you, Zo

Trish - Scottsdale - AZ

Roberta, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with Henri. He is exactly what I was searching for and has all the qualities and ability to become a top Working Equitation horse. You were so good and helpful in your explanation of him before I arrived. I was pretty certain of how he would feel and indeed he was just what I was looking for! You and your lovely daughter as well as your staff were incredible. All of you made me feel right at home and made me feel so comfortable in trying the horses. You made this process effortless and perfect! You said that Henri was the one for me and you were exactly right!!!! Can't wait to start the training and show him later this year. I will always keep you posted on his progress. I highly recommend Sucandi for anyone as you are incredible to work with. Thank you so very much!!!!!!

Jenna - Sorrento - FL

Dear Roberta, I wanted to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. The entire process of buying and importing Hindu was so easy and you were so accommodating. Purchasing Hindu, sight unseen, was terrifying to my husband and I. Not only did you accurately represent Hindu, but you put me at ease. You perfectly matched my special boy and I and I couldn't be more grateful. He is everything I was looking for and then some. Hindu's training is exactly on par with what you said it was and his rideability and demeanor are perfect for the amateur that I am. He has been with me a week now and I feel like I have known him forever. I haven't been in the saddle much in the past year and had completely lost all confidence in my abilities and that I would ever find my next partner. With only two rides so far, I can honestly say it is a match made in heaven. He is so beautiful and kind and SO EASY to ride. I am truly looking forward to my new journey and am forever grateful. I am so thankful for Kate Saunders for getting the ball rolling and helping me to find this special partnership. I will be sure to send you photos in the future.... Very truly yours, Jenna

Reggie - Burtchville - MI

I cannot thank you enough for my wonderful boy, Elegante. In the fall of 2014 I was looking for an amateur suitable dressage horse and I found Sucandi. I reviewed your site along with my own personal research and decided that I wanted to consider Lusitano's and I sure am glad I did! This horse is so brave and such a good character/work ethic---just what I wanted. I was tired of riding defensively worrying about when the next spook was coming from my warmblood, and now I never worry! It is always a joy to ride him. He never says 'no' to anything I ask him. And his gaits--amazing!! He is so impressive. So nice to feel like I truly found the right partner in my dressage journey. And the transaction was so easy--you took care of arranging the transportation and all the necessary details for the purchase. I thank you so much for being accurate in your description of the horse, especially considering I chose to buy him sight unseen with multiple videos and photos along with references from your clients. It sure made me feel good about the transaction. Thank you. He is wonderful!

Gina and Jayne - Livermore - CA

Jayne and Gina Duran - trainer at Topline Dressage: Roberta and the crew at Sucandi are absolutely the best at helping people find their dream Lusitano. Roberta knows what makes a super Lusitano and has a fantastic farm to visit. Our experience with the staff at Sucandi, the beautiful rain forest setting, and their lovely horses was a dream trip come true. We were welcomed as family and enjoyed our time with them very much. As the proud owner of two super Lusitanos, Hastil and Fidalgo, I can not tell you how much I appreciate the work that Roberta and the staff at Sucandi do. Roberta was able to schedule the vet exam while we were still there and I was able to meet Dr. Mauricio who would accompany the horses on their journey to California. Roberta was very helpful setting up the travel and importation arrangements. We are so excited and pleased to have Hastil and Fidalgo in our barn and very pleased to have a long lasting friendship with Roberta and the staff at Sucandi.

Joe and Linda - Rocky Ridge - MD - USA

We traveled to Brazil with our dressage trainer Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel, seeing several prospects - rode all prospects - and settled on one dressage prospect, a stallion,Tonico do Top. We also looked at several young filies, as dressage and breeding stock, settling on a yearling - Bora Bora. We agreed on prices, arranged prepurchase exans - with digital radiographs that were examined by both the veterinarian doing the prepurchase exam and here in the States.With the resultsof the Vet exam in Brazil and follow-up reading by our equine veterinarian here in the US, we made arrengements to transport them to the USA. All horses were as advertised. Roberta and Florian were wonderful hosts. They coordinated everything at their end and kept us updated on arrangements for the transport from Brazil to the USA. Tonico has had a successful first year of showing as Prix St Georges, placing first in his breed for the USDF All Breed Award Program at Prix St Georges.

Karen - Palo Alto - CA - USA

You must know that I am the happiest horse owner in the world. X-sete is an absolute dream equine companion in every way.

Katie - New York - NY - USA

Ultimato is the most wonderfull horse in the world.

Anne - Beverly Hills - CA - USA

Zambo was a diamond in the rough. My trainer (who is a dressage show judge) is the word's toughest critic of horses. She has been working with Zambo five days a week. In additions to the fact that in 3 months he has eclipsed all of her horses who are of similar age and in training for over a year, she thinks he will be able to show at third level by this summer. He is the sweetest horse, with the beste personality in the world.

Cindy - Denver - Colorado - USA

In this picture I am riding Postulado in a clinic. He is just fabulous. We are having fun with the cold and the snow. he just seems to get more forward.

Beth - Huntington Beach - CA - USA

Venturoso is a horse of a lifetime. He is kind, expressive, handles everything with a calm everyone at the bam. Southern California is a competitive dressage area and he and I are growing into a communicating pair. Judges comments have been: handsome horse, very nice horse, capable horse. How blessed am I to have such a wonderful Lusitano as my partner!

Joan - Jackson - TN - USA

"We love our fabulous Lusitano gelding Bonjardim. He is a pleasure to ride and train, and turns heads with his expressive movement and 'drop dead gorgeous' good looks. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Sucandi...Roberta and Florian were gracious hosts and kindly shared all their lovely sale prospects;I highly recommend them to anyone looking for their next dressage star."

Kris Barrett - Raleigh - NC

As a dressage trainer, I have had the pleasure to work with Roberta and Florian of Sucandi several times in finding horses for clients. Each time I visit the farm, the quality of the horses impresses me even more. All the Sucandi horses that my clients have purchased have exceeded expectations and are truly exceptional horses. Roberta has an excellent eye for finding horses with real dressage talent and always makes sure the wonderful temperament is there too. Sucandi has found my clients their dream horses! Kris Barrett Dressage Trainer

Chris – Asheville - NC – USA

Sucandi could not have made the experience of finding and importing a Lusitano any easier or more fun. Your beautiful facility, family hospitality, comfortable accommodations, helpful staff, not to mention a nice selection of good horses made my trip a positive experience from start to finish. Your integrity and enthusiasm are unique in this business. If I am ever in a position to add another horse to my life, you will be the first ones I contact. With gratitude,Chris.

Susan - Ocala - Florida - USA

Just four months ago I found myself looking for a new dressage horse. It was totally unexpected, and a very difficult time for me as I had just lost my partner of almost seven years. He was a very special horse in every way, so the thought of finding another like him didn't seem very realistic to me at that time. I started a light search here in the us but wasn't seeing anything that looked very good to me, just wasn't feeling that "ahhhh" factor. Then I increased my search, but now to Brazil. I started with Sucandi as I knew they had a great reputation and had heard nothing but good things about the people in charge there. I saw several very good looking stallions, thinking that all of them would have potential to be competitive dressage horses. But one in particular really stood out for me. I then emailed Roberta at Sucandi, to introduce myself and let her know what I would be looking for. Roberta makes it her mission to find good matches for her clients . I was pretty specific and she delivered! As it turns out we were both on the same page. My only problem being that I could not travel at that time. Roberta assured me she and Florian would be able to handle it all from their end in Brazil and make the whole transaction very easy for me. It all happened just as they promised, so in one short month my new boy was landing in the Miami and going to quarantine. After seven days in Miami he was then shipped to me in north central florida. Crifor was a bit thin, but otherwise in beautiful condition and was all that I was promised he would be! This is a horse that was made for me! He and I are inseparable and quickly becoming a tight team. Although he is only four and still a stallion, he is such a gentleman and is all business when need be. We are taking his training slowly, but he is already showing us how quickly he is to learn and how much talent he has. Also I must add a very affectionate boy that loves to be groomed and kissed! Young Crifor has most definitely won my heart! I am very proud to own a Sucandi boy. These are the best lusitanos for dressage! Not only are these youngsters chosen for their apparent talent, but they are also chosen for their good temperaments. So whether you have aspirations of being very competitive in the open arena, or you just want a best friend you can dance with in harmony, then you need look no further. Sucandi do Brazil will help you fulfill that dream. Thank you so much Roberta, Florian and team sucandi! Best Regards, Susan McCoy

Lisa Willians - Paradise Valley - AZ - USA

Dear Roberta, I just wanted to truly thank you for your help in finding my dream horse, and making him a reality! Xato is absolutely amazing, and well worth the long search - thank you, also, for having patience with me! I have had bad experiences buying horses from Europe in the past, but dealing with you has been a pleasure. Your prompt responses to my many questions and emails, all the pictures and videos that you provided, your honesty about the different horses that you were selling, and your taking the time to bring Xato to the beach for a photo shoot - you have gone above and beyond what I expected and what other sellers/agents provide. Xato arrived in excellent condition, and after the initial excitement of being in a new home has worn off, his personali ty is coming through and he is an absolute sweetheart. I see a long future with this exceptional stallion! Thank you!! Lisa Williams

Suzanne - Jackson - TN - USA

I travelled to Brazil last October with my trainer Joan Childs to find a dressage partner. Not only did I find the perfect dressage partner I found a horse that has quickly become my best friend. Before going to visit Sucandi I told Roberta that my trainer had three non negotiable requirements for my next horse - temperament, temperament and temperament! Bonjardim is a wonderful boy with world class movement to go with his sweet personality.. Roberta and Florian are gracious hosts and we had a wonderful time visiting with them and seeing their farm and riding all their lovely Lusitanos. Once we decided on Bonjardim, who was by the way the horse Roberta had chosen for me even before our visit, they made the process of getting him here a breeze. I can't thank Roberta and Florian enough for finding me this wonderful horse.

Lisa - Portland - Oregon - USA

I would have never thought that I could purchase a horse from overseas without travelling to see it, but you were so helpful through the whole process, it all went very smoothly. You provided me with all the information I requested to make an educated decision, the pre-purchase exam was very thorough, and the importation was very professionally handled. Even better than that, when Dario arrived, I wasn't disappointed. He turned out to be everything I was hoping for in a new prospect - beautiful and correct gaits, excellent dressage conformation, an outstanding temperament, and in perfect health. He has quickly become everyone's favorite. He is eager to please and well mannered, smart and sensitive, expressive and kind. It is rare in life to find everything you're looking for - so I couldn't be happier!

Making Dreams Reality

Sharon Mohr Owner of ASMOHR Stables, located in the Catskill Mountains of N.Y. would like to thank Ms. Roberta Pass of Sucandi for finding a very special and specific type of Lusitano mare to join a breeding program dedicated to producing the finest lusitanos. Avela arrived in pristine condition and is everything promised and more. Words can not express the delight when this gorgeous mare walked off the trailer driven by Lazcar. Roberta set up and arranged everything!!! Thank you so much. I highly recommend Roberta if you are considering importing to the USA. She has the knowledge and the eye to make your dreams reality :-) Sharon Mohr, Andes New York, USA

Bobbie - San Anselmo - CA - USA

Who knew that looking for and buying a horse could be such a delightful experience? The four days I spent at Sucandi were idyllic -- we saw beautiful Lusitanos, were wined and dined and left wishing we could stay longer. I never thought I would find my dream horse, but find him I did. My Lusitano, Cassino, is a joy to ride with a temperament that I didn't know was possible. I'm in love! I'll be showing him in dressage, and also taking him to the California coast to ride in the redwoods and gallop on the beach. Who could ask for more?

Larry - West Bloomfield - Michigan - USA

Hi Roberta, Marge and I want thank you for the most extraordinary experience. We didn't know what to expect when we got off the plane, but you made us feel immediately at ease. Thank you for having us as your guests at your incredible estate. I've never ridden in such a beautiful facility. The horses you selected for me to try were all within the criteria that I described in my emails. Surprisingly, you knew which of the six horses would be my dream horse and you were right! But you didn't expect me to fall in love with two! So now I have one coming to America, and the second staying to train with Mr. Facada. I cannot thank you enough for prevailing upon Mr. Facada to give me lessons for the week. I know that he doesn't need the money and takes very few students. At 81, the legenday dressage master of Brazil is the very best instructor I've ever had. Riding under his tutelage was a dream come true. Your family never stopped smiling, caring, and doing for Marge and me. You made us feel that we were friends, not customers from day one. Last but not least, all of the cynics in Michigan who thought I was nuts to travel to Brazil to buy a horse were wrong. The horses you brought to the estate for me to try, were beautiful, sound, safe, trained well beyond my riding abilities and were value priced. I spent more than a year researching Lusitanos, Andalusians, and various warmbloods in north America, South America, and Europe. Thanks to Sucandi, I found not one, but two dream horses to love as my riding partners. I look forward to seeing you in the fall. Again, Marge and I want to thank you, Mr. Facada, his wife Donarita, and all the extraordinary and talented people you introduced us to while in your care and company. It was an experience of a life time. Wamest regards, Larry and Marge

Jeanne - York - PA - USA

Hi Roberta, Horse is more than I expected. Very sweet, willing, great Lusitano "look", etc. My trainer adores him. Roberta was great to deal with, and followed up with every question I had. I personally picked him up in Miami, and that went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend her.

Ann - Leawood - KS - USA

If someone had told me I would travel to Brazil and import a Lusitano I would have said they were crazy. It would be too expensive, risky, and difficult to find the right horse. Well, I did it and it was none of those things. I searched for a year but could not find a Lusitano with the conformation, temperament, and level of training within my price range in the US. Then I found Sucandi on the web and after emailing Roberta and talking to previous Sucandi clients I decided to take the plunge. The entire trip was a wonderful experience. Roberta and the staff could not have been more gracious. I felt very safe in Brazil and it's beauty was amazing. There were several horses that met my criteria to choose from. The transaction was honest and upfront. Importation was easy. I now have the perfect Lusitano for me. He is the horse I was looking for. I highly recommend Sucandi to anyone looking for an amazing Lusitano to be their next dressage partner. Ann

Janice - San Diego - CA - USA

Thank you so much for my new horse, Xerez. He is amazing! He is the most beautiful horse I have known. He also has a great personality, sensible but also spunky enough to be fun. I forget that he is a stallion because he is so easygoing. Everyone who has worked with him is impressed. His training under saddle is very good. Even though I am a 2nd level rider and he is PSG, he hauls me around and really tries to understand what I am trying to tell him. He will be an excellent teacher for me. I was concerned about the travel from Brazil to San Diego because after the flight and the week in quarantine in Miami, Xerez spent another week traveling cross country in a van. He looked great when he got to my place and I started riding him the next day. What I love about the Sucandi Lusitanos is that they all seem to have this big, balanced, elastic movement. It is very different than the movement of a PRE and better for dressage. My horse is so much more fun to ride than any of the warmbloods that I rode when I was looking for a horse. Xerez moves forward easily and doesn't feel like a tank. He also is not barrel-chested, so he is easy to sit. Roberta took care of all the details of the purchase and transportation for Xerez. She was very accurate in her description of the horse. I think one of my first messages to her was "He sounds too good to be true" and she said "Sometimes good things happen". Janice Cline

Katie - New York - NY - USA

Roberta, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for my precious Dracula. As you know I was concerned about purchasing a horse that I had not seen in person and had to trust that it would be a fit. You have a gift for matching people with equine partners. Dracula is absolutely perfect. I wanted a tall horse because of my height and he had to be sane. He was everything that you represented him to be and more. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, but he is a tall 16.2 and close to 16.3 now, the perfect size. His mind is the best I've ever encountered. He's smart, learns quickly, but takes life in stride and gives me confidence as a rider. I am so pleased with him and look forward to many, many years with him as my partner. Thank you so much for this amazingly wonderful horse. Please come and visit us on your next trip to the U.S. We will be relocating soon to Boca Raton. Come see us!!! Katie Buhle and the fabulous Dracula. Katie

Donna - San Marcos - CA - USA

Here are some pictures of Skyler having a lesson with me on Espanhol Maximus, now affectionately known as Max. He is an extremely elastic horse, with three very good gaits, including a walk with good rhythm and clear overstep. His trot shows power and his canter is naturally uphill. Comparing him to the exceptional warmbloods at the Young Horse Regional Championships last weekend, he would fit right in. Although he is a stallion, Max is easy to train and very attentive to his rider. He will do his first show with Skyler at the end of June and I have high hopes for him to be the Andalusian/Lusitano national champion at training level. Even more important, I think he has the trainability and talent to go all the way to FEI with good scores at all levels. I am so happy to have him in the barn and can't wait to get another one just like him although that may be hard. He is truly a one in a thousand Lusitano!

Jeannette - Novato - CA - USA

About two and a half years ago I went to Brazil to find my first Lusitano Stallion, which I found at Sucandi. Roberta Pass was so accommodating and generous in every way, as a result we became very good friends. Subsequently I have taken many happy clients to Sucandi. The Stallion I bought has turned out be an amazing horse! I will be showing him Intermediare this year. About a year ago I mentioned to Roberta that I was looking for a spectacular young horse! And that I had certain requirements for the new horse! "Young, Black Stallion, and a great mover" . Her words to me was "I will find him for you"! It took ten months and she did!! Roberta I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and being a great friend. The only place to get your next Lusitano is at Sucandi.

Margaret (Gigi) Butler - CA - USA

My Andalusian stallion and I had just finished a fun and successful year showing dressage here in Southern California. The season closed with an stress injury on his front tendon. My veterinarian and I decided it was time to retire him and find him a new and less exacting job. Meanwhile, I was eager to go forward with my dressage riding and to start seriously looking for a new partner. My friend and show buddy, Janice Cline, has a wonderful stallion from Brazil and the Sucandi stable, so she introduced me to Roberta Pass. My trainer was also involved in the search and we were all confident Roberta could find a horse to fit my needs. Eventually we honed in on a six year old stallion that had just finished winning Brazilian champion for the third year in a row. After several videos, vet checks, etc., I took a leap of faith and bought the horse without the long trip to Brazil. People thought I was crazy to do it, but Roberta’s reputation is solid around here and my trainer, Kim Monk, really liked him and thought he was ridable for an amateur like myself. Escoteiro (Scout) arrived at my barn at the end of January. I went right into the box stall on the trailer to halter him and lead him off. I was struck immediately with his elegance! He is so beautiful! His head looks like a carved chess piece! After the initial excitement of a new place he has settled in and gone right to work. He is a joy to ride, light off the leg and forward without rushing. His personality is both calm and curious. We have started off on our journey together and I am thrilled! Thank you Roberta!

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