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Porsche Sucandi

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Nobre Sucandi

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Gold Shanggrila

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Grand Cru do Arete

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Zo - Anchorage - AK

Hi Roberta, Barbaro has been in Alaska for a Month. He is everything you said he would be and everything I had hoped for. As I told you, I had a bad f... more

Karen - Palo Alto - CA - USA

You must know that I am the happiest horse owner in the world. X-sete is an absolute dream equine companion in every way.... more

Bobbie - San Anselmo - CA - USA

Who knew that looking for and buying a horse could be such a delightful experience? The four days I spent at Sucandi were idyllic -- we saw beautiful ... more

Trish - Scottsdale - AZ

Roberta, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with Henri. He is exactly what I was searching for and has all the qualities and ability to beco... more

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