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Icaro do Carvalho

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Nobre Sucandi

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Poesia Sucandi

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Gold Shanggrila

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Reggie - Burtchville - MI

I cannot thank you enough for my wonderful boy, Elegante. In the fall of 2014 I was looking for an amateur suitable dressage horse and I found Sucand... more

Beth - Huntington Beach - CA - USA

Venturoso is a horse of a lifetime. He is kind, expressive, handles everything with a calm everyone at the bam. Southern California is a competitive ... more

Jeannette - Novato - CA - USA

About two and a half years ago I went to Brazil to find my first Lusitano Stallion, which I found at Sucandi. Roberta Pass was so accommodating and ge... more

Gina and Jayne - Livermore - CA

Jayne and Gina Duran - trainer at Topline Dressage: Roberta and the crew at Sucandi are absolutely the best at helping people find their dream Lusita... more

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