One of the most common mistakes buyers make is to get intimidated by the idea of importing and decide to buy locally. That decision leads to two factors:

  1. you will pay more for the work that has been done for you with the importation
  2. you will have to compromise quality and have less option

If you are looking for a lusitano, it is our mission to find just the perfect match. Much more than a breeder or a sales barn, Sucandi is specialized in matching the right people to the right horse. Our horses are pre-selected, pre-vetted and a guarantee to be a match for the amateur rider. We do all the work for you. We will guide you through the whole process of identifying your needs, searching for available horses, and most of all checking the compatibility between you and the horse. We handle all the importation and before you know your dream horse will be at your barn. No compromises: full quality made easy.

If it is still too much for you, we offer something new: you buy the horse you never met, we will import him and bring him to our facility in Florida where you can come to try him. If it’s a match, you just take him home. If it is not a match we will either buy him from you or you can choose another one from our selection. No risk.



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